Rescue Pig Loves Her New Bed So Much That She Thanks Her Caretaker By Doing THIS.

Patricia the pig couldn’t be more excited when her caretaker brings new wood shavings in for her pen. She immediately perks up when she sees the bag, and then begins to roll around in it after it’s dumped out. After she was done, she went up to her caretaker and gave him a kiss! It’s like she was thanking him for the new wood shavings.

Patricia when she first arrived at the Sanctuary in September

Patricia resides at Santuario Gaia, a sanctuary in Spain, but her life hasn’t always been so happy. She was born on a factory farm and was left behind. Her mother was trapped in a cruel gestation crate and had accidentally fallen on Patricia, leaving her paralyzed from a spinal cord injury. Because of this, the farm wanted to put her down, but the sanctuary stepped in to save her and give her a furever home. She then received a wheelchair to help her get around and can now walk and even run around with the other animals!

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