They Put Rescue Kittens And Puppies In The Same Room…The Result? Oh.My.Cute

These two kittens, Tristan and Isolde, were rescued when they were little babies from the streets of Athens, Greece, by the Save a Greek Stray organization. They were so young that they hadn’t even opened their eyes yet! They have been living at the shelter’s infirmary and have been bottle-fed by the volunteers. Also in the infirmary are sick dogs that have been rescued. The kittens are so used to seeing the pups, that they started to think that they were one of them!

The volunteers let the kittens out of their crates to be with the dogs, and they get along great! The kittens help the rescue dogs socialize; some of the dogs aren’t ready to be around other dogs yet, so playing with the kittens really help them to learn how to be gentle and play nicely. Watching them together just melts my heart! Take a look for yourself in the video below:

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