Rescue Kitten Brings Stuffed Dragon To Vet To Keep Him Safe

If you have a dragon for a best friend there is nothing to be afraid of – right?

Ponyo, a rescue kitten, and his BFF Dragon are going viral for their adorable friendship.

Ponyo was a stray kitten found meowing outside a woman’s home in Florida. Although Samantha Smart was not looking to add another cat to the family, she felt it was meant to be. With the help of her neighbors, she was able to trap the kitten and slowly start to introduce him to living indoors.

Photo: Facebook/Operation Catnip

The little feline was nervous in his new surroundings, so the family gave him a stuffed dragon to help him feel safe. The toy was appropriately named Dragon and it is like a security blanket for Ponyo.

When it came time for Ponyo to be neutered, they made sure to bring Dragon along to help comfort the sweet feline. Operation Catnip performed the surgery and took great care of the pair.

“Ponyo was registered for our Kitten Shelter Diversion Program and today he came for his neuter surgery! But he wasn’t alone! He had his BFF Dragon with him to help him be the bravest boy,” posted the charity organization.

Photo: Facebook/Operation Catnip

Ponyo was really nervous when he arrived at the clinic and hid behind Dragon in his crate. The staff wanted to help ease the mind of the frightened kitten, so they prepped Dragon first for surgery as Ponyo watched.

Photos: Facebook/Operation Catnip

“We couldn’t let Ponyo go through surgery alone! Ponyo watches as Dragon gets anesthetized! ‘Take good care of my Dragon’ he says!”

Photos: Facebook/Operation Catnip

Once the surgery was complete, Dragon was wrapped around Ponyo so when he woke up his best friend would be there to comfort him.

Photos: Facebook/Operation Catnip

That’s what friends are for.

Ponyo and Dragon now have their own Facebook page so you can follow them on all their adventures. Thanks to fans, the family just discovered that Ponyo is a Turkish Van.

Photo: Facebook/Adventures of Ponyo and Dragon

The playful kitten is settling into his new life and learning how to bond with his feline sister, Aimee. It was definitely meant to be for Ponyo to join the Smart family. He chose wisely.

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