Rescue Creates Adorable Tiny Cottages Instead Of Cages For Pit Bulls Waiting To Be Adopted

The Luvable Dog Rescue in the Oregon wilderness has provided accommodations, unlike any other rescue. On the more than 55-acres of land, this rescue created an oasis of little cottages for their rescues.

Rather than being stuffed into cramped and uncomfortable cages and kennels, the rescue’s charges – mainly Pit Bulls – received plenty of legroom in the form of their own small cabin dwellings. Not to mention, the outdoor space where they can roam free and play.

Each cottage had the inside decorated to resemble a typical home.

Amongst the many comforts of a home, the interiors of the cottages boasted furniture, gentle lighting, and outdoor-facing windows.

Besides being cozy, the cottages helped the staff members get better acquainted with each individual dog’s personality in order to determine how they’d react in a real home.

The entire set up was the creation of Liesl Wilhardt – founder and executive director of the Luvable Dog Rescue. Liesl is an owner of her own Pit Bulls, so she was inspired to create a wonderful environment for stray dogs.

Needless to say, what she created for these homeless dogs was a perfect doggie utopia.

Luvable Dog Rescue stands on a vast property that has a forest, meadows, and hiking trails – everything needed for a dog to feel rejuvenated.

The rescue even went on to create a larger space for the bigger dogs, and there were plans to begin making a maternity ward dedicated to the mama dogs and their puppies.

For more information about Luvable Dog Rescue click here to to visit their website.

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