Rescue Dog Squeals With Excitement Whenever His Dad Says The Word ‘Beach’

Some dogs go wild whenever they hear the word “walk” or “treat”, but an adorable rescue Staffy named Dennis cannot contain his excitement when he hears the word “beach”.

Dennis lets out his unique squeal – that sounds like a pig mixed with a seal – whenever his dad says the word “beach”. His unique squeal and exuberant personality are what attracted his parents, Drew and Carly, to him at the shelter. They immediately bonded and the rest is history.

Photos: Instagram/a.daily.dose.of.dennis

The smart dog understands what the word “beach” means so his dad can’t say it out loud, unless they are actually going to go to the beach. “I can’t even say the word out loud because he gets so excited and throws a complete tantrum,” he told The Dodo.

The beach is his absolute favorite place to go and luckily it is only 5 minutes down the road. His dad says that whenever they make the turn on the road to the beach Dennis starts squealing with excitement. As soon as they get to the beach, they find the largest stick and proceed to play fetch in the water.

Photos: Instagram/a.daily.dose.of.dennis

Dennis is overjoyed and happily leaps in the water to retrieve the stick. The pair spend the day at the beach playing and swimming, so it’s clear to see why Dennis loves it so much.

Photos: Instagram/a.daily.dose.of.dennis

While the beach is his favorite place and word, he loves food and isn’t afraid to ask for it.

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I want food… FOOD!! That stuff on your plate!!! 🍴 #hangry

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The talkative dog uses his voice to chat with his dad on a daily basis. Drew said Dennis wanders over “every half an hour” to have a talk. While it may sound like he is whining or crying to others, Drew reassures people that he is the “happiest dog” and just loves to talk.

Photos: Instagram/a.daily.dose.of.dennis

Dennis’ huge personality and adorable looks had to be shared with the world, so his parents set up an Instagram page for him that has nearly 40k followers. Videos and photos of the handsome Staffy are sure to make your day.

Watch Dennis lose his mind when he hears the word ‘beach’ in the video below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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