This Rescue Bird Is Living The Good Life With His New Human And Does A Happy Dance To Show It!

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This bird may have had a rough past, but now the only thing that matters is that he is safe and it’ll only get better from here. The bird, named Gucci, was neglected and tormented by a derelict kid and nothing was ever done about it. Because of that, he is missing all of the feathers on his body. In case you didn’t know, birds pluck their own feathers out when they are feeling anxiety or stress. According to Bird Channel, birds may also “chew, bite, shred, strip, bend and over-preen” their feathers.

Gucci is now living the good life with his new owner, Kurter Barnett. In the video below, you can see Guccci atop Barnett’s shoulder, bopping his head back and forth and shaking his little birdy body to some music. He looks so happy and will now always be well-taken care of!

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