They Were Just Doing Their Jobs And Repossessing The Vehicle. They Never Expected To Find This!

Workers at Superior Auto Shop in Frankfort, Indiana, were working on a repossessed SUV when they heard barks coming from the back of the car. They were shocked to discover a dog in a crate, freezing and hungry, surrounded by his own waste. He was clearly emaciated and even had intestinal parasites, but The Humane Society of Clinton County came to rescue the one-year-old Pit bull mix.

His owner said she kept him in the trunk of her broken down car while she went to work for 16 hours overnight. She says the car was repossessed for late payment, with the dog still in it. Since his rescue, he has been receiving treatment for the parasites and has put on healthy weight. His rescuers decided to name him “Repo,” because of how and where he was found. Repo is a very happy and friendly dog, despite the circumstances that he was found in. Thank God these workers found him and that the Humane Society was able to get him medical help!

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