Tiny Stray Dog Was So Weak, She Could Barely Move. After Intense Rehab, She’s A Whole New Dog

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This adorable little dog, named Lemon, was brought to the Kent County Animal Shelter in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as a stray. Lemon is a special needs Chihuahua and was emaciated, dehydrated and hypothermic. She was in such bad health and was so weak that she was unable to sit up or walk. The shelter immediately began treatments to get her healthy again.

She was on feeding tubes to help her eat and gain weight. And although she was in such poor shape, her little tail never stopped wagging! She was such a happy little pup. She went to live with a foster for rehab and finally received the love and care that she’s been missing out on. She got meals around the clock, treats, toys, and got to sleep in a big comfy bed. After just three days in foster care, she took her first steps, and after 30 days, she had more than doubled her body weight! She made doggy friends and had fun playing with them. Thankfully, Lemon has been adopted into her furever home!

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