They’re Rehabilitated, Then Sent Back Into The Wild. Watching This Will Make Your Heart Smile!

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Cape Wildlife Center, in Barnstable, Massachusetts, is one of the biggest wildlife rehabilitation centers in the Northeast. They take care of almost 200 different species with the main goal of eventually releasing them back into their natural habitat once they are healthy and strong enough to survive on their own.

Of course their release back into the wild is bittersweet since they’ve spent so much time with the animals. But it’s always amazing to see them well enough to be on their own again. Of course some may never be able to survive on their own in the wild again, but those will get taken care of for the rest of their lives at the center. But we are extremely happy for the ones who do. In this video, you’ll see a few different animals being released back into the wild for the first time after their rehabilitation, and it will most definitely warm your heart!

Also, one of my favorite releases from this center is this beautiful swan in the video below:

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