Man Emotionally Reunites With His Dog A Year After He Had To Surrender Him To A Shelter

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After going through some serious financial hardships, one man had to make one of the toughest decisions of his life. He had lost his job and his home and had no way to provide food and shelter for Reece, his three-year-old boxer/greyhound mix. He made the heartbreaking decision to take the dog to his local SPCA no-kill shelter.

Reece was eventually adopted on two different occasions. However, both times the living arrangements did not work out and the families returned the animal to the shelter.

A year after giving Reece up, his original owner was now financially stable, but believed he would never see his beloved four-legged friend ever again. Out of curiosity, the man logged onto the shelter’s website and was shocked to see Reece was available for adoption.

He immediately went to the shelter to get Reece back and prepared for the emotional reunion. Reece was ecstatic to see his former owner and the heartwarming moment was all captured on film. The video quickly went viral and shows how the bond between true best friends can never be broken.

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