Woman Replaces The Actors From Famous Movies With Her Dogs

Dog owners do a lot of funny things with their dogs. And thanks to the wonderful invention of Photoshop, dog owners can get even more creative in their pursuits. We’ve all seen some hilarious photoshopped inventions by dog owners, but there is another one that is taking the internet by storm.

Everyone loves movies. Now that we’re living through a global pandemic, many of us are getting reacquainted again with a lot of our old favorites. Movies are a great escape from reality, especially when that reality is COVID-19.

Wanting to provide everyone with a little bit of an escape, was one Australian woman who decided she was going to get artsy with photoshop and recreate famous movie scenes with a twist. Who better to help her with her project than her two Samoyeds, Summer and Apollo,

As the woman explained, being under quarantine meant that she had a little extra time to finally get around to being creative and practicing her photoshop skills. That meant that all she needed from her dogs was their modeling skills – something that the dogs were happy to do if incentivized by extra treats.

You can look at some of the great works below:

Everything just looks better with a dog in it! What do you think?

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