BREAKING NEWS: Recalls On Dog Food, Bully Sticks, And Dog Treats Due To Salmonella

Unfortunately, this is a triple recall due to Salmonella. Be sure to share with friends to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Raws for Paws of Minneapolis, MN, issued a recall of its 5-pound and 1-pound chubs of Ground Turkey Pet Food due to possibe Salmonella contamination.


Redbarn Pet Products, LLC of Long Beach, CA, issued a voluntary recall of its Redbarn Naturals 7-inch Bully Stick Dog Chews 3-pack because it may be contaminated with Salmonella.


Smokehouse Pet Products, Inc. of Sun Valley, CA, issued a recall of its 4-ounce bags of dog treats labeled as “Beefy Munchies” because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

According to Dog Food Advisor, all three recalls were issued within days of each other. The recalls were issued after testing was conducted on each of the separate products and found traces of Salmonella.

Salmonella can affect a pet that eats food or treats that are contaminated. Humans are also affected if they touch the food and do not immediately wash their hands.

Symptoms of Salmonella in Pets

– lethargy
– diarrhea or bloody diarrhea
– fever
– vomiting
– decreased appetite
– abdominal pain

Pets that are infected can be carriers and pass it on to other animals and humans. If you have fed any of the recalled products and your pet is showing any of the above symptoms, call your vet immediately.

Photo:Redbarn Pet Products

Photo: Redbarn Pet Products

Check Your Pantry and Freezer For These Items

Raws For Paws 1-pound and 5-pound sealed plastic chubs

Look for these case codes of 9900008, 9900009, 9900014, and 9900015.

The manufacture date of Turkey Pet Food cases is 10/12/2017 and the manufacture dates of Combo Pack cases are between 10/12/2017 and 2/2/2018.

Red Barn Bully Stick 3-pack
Affected product comes in a 2.4 ounce, green plastic bag marked with an expiration date of 112120ABC stamped on the side.
The product UPC is #7 85184 25105 8.

Beefy Munchies
4-ounce package
UPC Code: 78565857957
Lot number: 449294
Best Used By Date: 10/25/19 (stamped in back)

If you have any of these products, stop feeding them to your pet immediately.

Contact The Company

Raws For Paws can be reached at 612-465-0372.

Red Barn can be reached via email at or by phone at 800-775-3849, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm PT.

Smokehouse Pet Products can be reached at 877-699-7387, Monday through Friday, 7 am to 3:30 pm PT.

Spread the word to keep our fur babies safe! ☟

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