She Sneaks Up On Her Sister… Now Keep Your Eye On Her Paw!

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Siblings are the worst, aren’t they? Well, the adorable little pups in this video definitely agree! This video tells us everything you need to know about siblings and what it means to be one. Being a sibling means learning how to look out for each other (especially, if your sibling has a habit of pouncing on you, lol), it means learning how to share, and it means learning how to steal each other’s toys! LOL! This video is the absolute cutest and definitely a clever way to raise the topic of adoption. And even though these particular cutes have already been adopted, there are many pups out their still searching for their forever home. And even though siblings are the “worst” (lol), there is definitely no harm in getting your pup a sibling of their own 🙂 !

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