A Toddler And His Two Rescue Pups Lie Next To Each Other. What Follows Will Make You Melt!

It’s always nice to have some cuddle buddies to fall asleep with. This two-year-old boy, River Bearde, has two of the cutest ones: Pit bulls named Ronnie and Macy. River loves books, and according to his mother, he will read to anyone who will sit down with him. He has been known to read to his pet pig, but now he has new reading partners!

The three of them lie side by side in bed, with the two dogs on their backs with all four paws in the air, while River reads them “Farm Friends Giant Flap Book.” At the end of the video, both of the pups had fallen sound asleep with their heads on the pillows. Once the pups were asleep, River let his mom read a book to him, and not long after, River was asleep right next to his furry best friends.

The family rescued Ronnie one year ago, while Macy was rescued five years ago on the day she was scheduled to be euthanized. Their mom, Jenna, hopes to improve the way people perceive Pit bulls. “I want to be a voiced for them as these pit bulls don’t have a voice of their own,” she told Daily Mail. “I want people to understand and know the breed is not dangerous and these dogs are loving, if loved.”

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