He Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill, Covered In Filth. Then He Got The Transformation Of A Lifetime!

Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding facilities where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs. Many of them are usually crammed into tiny, rusty metal cages without bedding, and given very little to none food or water. They develop many illnesses which go untreated and can become fatal. They never know what it’s like to feel love, or what it’s like to be a normal pup. Some spend their entire lives in puppy mills, but some of them are lucky enough to be rescued.

This Yorkie is one of the lucky ones. He has spent his entire life at a puppy mill and was used solely for breeding. He was in bad shape and was so filthy and matted. He was shaking and terrified. It’s hard enough as it is for dogs at shelters to get adopted, but when they look as dirty as this Yorkie did, it’s nearly impossible. Thankfully, he got groomed and afterwards looks like a whole new dog! Watch his transformation in the video below:

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