A Butterfly Photobombs A Koala’s Photoshoot And Turns It Into A Precious Moment You Can’t Miss!

At Symbio Wildlife Park, something pretty magical happened. While Willow, the cutest koala, was posing for a photo shoot, a butterfly came over and saw in Willow what we do: That she’s absolutely irresistible!

The butterfly attaches to Willow’s nose and doesn’t want to leave! It looks so adorable, you may be tempted to scream. No worries, I did. Out loud. Sorry, neighbors. These two are about to become famous and I’m just happy to say I witnessed the journey.

Symbio Wildlife Park is located in Helensburgh in New South Wales, Australia. To its locals and visitors, I am sure it’s a wonderful place to visit. Now, with this delightful butterfly photobomb, I think it’s safe to say that this place is officially on the map!

Love this? Then you will LOVE this post! A man, named Tim Wong, is being hailed a butterfly hero for helping an entire species of butterfly. The California Pipevine Swallowtail was rapidly declining in population. Known for its beautiful sapphire wings, this special butterfly held a place in Wong’s heart. He created a safe environment for these butterflies to eat and reproduce without outside threats. AND he photographed his entire journey. This story is AMAZING! Click here to see what I’m fussing about!

For the cutest photobomb ever, check out Willow and her new bestie below!

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