No More Cold, Hard Floors For These Shelter Animals. YAY!

Next time you are thinking about buying your dog or cat a new comfy bed, consider donating your old one. There’s a good chance it’s still usable and there are MANY shelters who can’t afford beds at all.

The RSPCA Victoria, in Australia, were overjoyed to take these donated beds and give them to deserving animals. Seeing their grateful faces will make your entire day better. Trust me! D’awwww!

Doing good for animals doesn’t have to cost a lot of time and money. There’s so much you can do that can bring LOTS OF GOODNESS to animals in need. Check out some of our programs on our Gifts That Give More page

Like this one! Our Warm Beds For Shelter Animals program takes your donation, as little as $10, and brings love and warmth to animals that deserve it! Imagine how happy they feel after sleeping on the floor or a towel to sleeping on a cozy, fluffy bed. Check it out here!

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