They Hear The Door Open, But They Had No Clue It’d Be Their Human Returning Home From Deployment

We see soldier homecomings all the time. Soldiers returning from deployment, surprising their parents, siblings, or children. It’s an extremely heart-warming thing to witness, and those type of videos go viral on the internet all the time.

It’s extremely hard to go long periods of time away from your family, especially in another country while risking your life. But human family members aren’t the only type of family members that soldiers come home to. Many also come home and surprise a different kind of family member: their beloved furbabies.

These always make for emotional reunions too. Their pets always get so excited to see them, especially since they had no idea their human was coming home. It’s always sad to think about these situations, because pets never know why their human has left, where they went, or when they are coming home, if ever.

In the video below, a soldier has returned from deployment and surprised her two big pups. Their reunion was very heart-warming and is sure to put a smile on your face. The dogs are lying on the couch, with no idea in mind that their human is about to surprise them. When she walks through the door, they turn their heads and stare at her. After she says hello and calls their names, they quickly register that this human is their best friend. They immediately jump off the couch and go running toward her. They jump all over her and smother her with lots of hugs and kisses. They’re so happy that they forget how big they actually are!

Watch their adorable reunion in the video below:

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