When It’s Time To Get Up, This Shar Pei Tries Waking Her Human Up In The Most Polite Way Possible

When I am sleeping in the morning and my dog decides it’s time to get up, he will sit there and stare at me. He thinks if he stares at me long enough, I’ll wake up. But eventually he realizes that it’s not working, so he’ll start barking at me. To his benefit, of course it works every time. He’s my personal alarm clock.

This Shar Pei, named Ava, is much more polite than my dog, though. Instead of barking to wake her human up, she sits in the bed next to her and starts nudging her with her paw. She gently taps her humans arm several times to try and get her attention. When it doesn’t work, she keeps trying. She stays quiet and never barks. If only my dog would be this polite when trying to wake me up!

I’m sure Ava’s human wakes up every time. How could you not want to wake up to this sweet face every day?! Watch how adorable she is in the video below:

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