Puppy Does The Cutest Thing When His Human Tries To Wake Him Up

Is this a teenager or a dog? LOL! You tell me! Meet Remo, the puppy who loves his sleep! He’s not waking up for any reason! Not until he’s good and ready! He knows the value of sleep. It’s the time where his body can rest and grow! And he is not wasting any opportunity there. So cute.

Seriously, have you ever seen a dog literally push his human away to sleep more? I haven’t! Is your dog a sleepy head like Remo?

Did you enjoy this video? I’m so glad! Now it’s time to enjoy another one! Is there such thing as viewing too much cuteness? I don’t think so either! Here’s one of my favorites, and coincidentally, it features another sleeping dog. Titon is sleeping soundly and his human couldn’t help but capture it on camera, knowing good well this would totally make viewers melt. And laugh. And fall in love with Bulldogs even more! His expression is downright hilarious. I wonder what Titon is dreaming about… Maybe a fun day in the sun? A giant bowl of treats? Hmmm, whatever it is, he looks pretty darn content. I wouldn’t want to wake him up either. Titon is ready for you to meet him, click right here!

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