Elderly Man Stops To Protect His Dog From the Rain with a Cape and a Hat, and the Internet Is Melting

A video has gone viral of an elderly man leaving the market in the Philippines with his dog. The tender way he cares for the dog to make sure he stays dry in the rain on his way home will melt your heart.

The elderly man was getting ready to leave the Agdao Market when it started to rain. A bystander captured the sweet moment the man took to make sure his dog was comfortable, and the internet is just melting over how beautiful it is.

The man took a blue patterned plastic bag and wrapped it like a cape around the body of the dog, tying it in the front. Then he proceeded to carefully tuck the bag in all around his pet in the little bike basket. How adorable!

The dog patiently sat in the basket attached to the front of the man’s bike as he did all this, and it’s obvious just how much he trusts his owner. These two obviously have an amazing bond that needs no words!

As if the cape was not enough, the man retrieved a small hat from the rear basket of the bike. He placed it on the dog’s head with a little strap underneath to keep it from flying off.

Screen Shots: Rumble/Newsflare

Once the dog was covered and no longer getting wet in the rain, the man put his gloves on and got on his bike. With a push of the leg, they were off. Just a normal everyday routine for these two.

With over 170,000 views, this video reminds us all to slow down and treat your dog like a king.

Watch the video below.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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