Puppy Is Jealous of Mechanical Toy Dog

When his humans bring home a new toy, this Golden Retriever puppy was not amused. Apparently, they thought it would be a nice companion for him when they were gone — but they were wrong!

The toy looks like a miniature Golden Retriever, and is sensory activated, meaning it will bark and move (which seems like a strange feature, because who wants more barking in their home?).

Photo: Rumble

The pup wanders into the room where his humans are to investigate the new toy and is immediately bewildered by it.

“Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good pup?” His mom asks.

Photo: Rumble

The Golden shoves his nose in the robot’s face before leaping back.

Clearly not that thing, you can imagine the pup responding.

He lifts a paw to bat at it but he’s too far away to make contact. Emboldened, he raises his paw again anyway, so the toy knows he means business.

Photo: Rumble

He’s feeling confused and more than a little protective.

Who does this little fake dog think he is, stealing his pets?! He leans into his human possessively.

Photo: Rumble

He scoots back and tucks himself under his mom’s leg, where he can observe the strange non-dog from a safe distance. He nudges her right hand, concerned that her left hand continues to pat and pet the little dog imposter.

Excuse me! Those pets are for me!

Photo: Rumble

His human stops petting him and keeps tapping the toy dog saying, “Nice puppy!”

He is confused. He does not want to be replaced! He does not want a friend! What is the meaning of this!

Photo: Rumble

Finally, he’s had enough of this outlandish behavior from his human and this silly little non-dog who’s trying to steal all his attention.

He barks sternly at the toy.

Photo: Rumble

The fake dog continues to exist, and his mom continues to coo, “Who’s a good dog?”

He barks some more and settles back into mom’s legs.

Photo: Rumble

Clearly, he does not like sharing his mom!

Watch this cutie in action!

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