Adorable Puppies Pile Up And Fall Asleep To ‘Silent Night,’ Melt Our Hearts In The Process

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There are very few things in life that are cuter than puppies! No matter the breed, puppies are absolutely adorable and would make everyone’s day brighter! And to cuddle with them? My favorite! But nothing is better than puppy breath! It’s like a new car smell, you can never get enough!

These tiny puppies pile up in a mountain of cuteness and will melt your heart to soup. They are all lying down on a comfy blanket while ‘Silent Night’ is playing. They are extremely sleepy and the music makes them drift away to dreamland. Their little cries and yawns are absolutely adorable, and it’s so sweet how they are cuddled up next to their mama!

They are such well-behaved pups, and they all are sound asleep within seconds. Too bad naptime for human babies isn’t always this easy!

Watch the puppies in the video below and be prepared to melt!

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