Puppy Wants A Cure For Her Hiccups

This adorable 8 week old pup, named Poppy, is not a fan of hiccups. They’re annoying and she’s not really sure what to make of them. Isn’t it about time we found a hiccup cure? Well, no worries, Poppy, even though they are really quite annoying, and we have to endure them, they will go away eventually.

Isn’t Poppy adorable? Yea, I agree! If you loved Poppy’s video then you will LOVE this one too! Just like kids, puppies rush to grow up too. Don’t believe me? Then watch this! This adorable little Yellow Lab, named Grace, is so excited to help out her favorite human. She wants to fetch the paper just like a big dog would. This has to be one of the cutest things on the net. See, this is why I LOVE DOGS! Click here to see Grace’s video, but be warned, you may pass out from cuteness overload!

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