His Human Gives Him A Stack Of Coins. What He Does With Them Proves How Smart Birds Can Be!

A Pacific Parrotlet named Charlie is learning a new trick of putting coins in a bank. He finally got the hang of how to do it, and his human caught it on camera. Every time he picks up a coin and successfully drops it into the slot of the bank, he gets rewarded with a sesame seed. At the end, once all the coins are inside, his human gives him a whole pile of sesame seeds.

Parrotlets are miniature parrots that are endemic to South and Central America. Their expected lifespan is 20-40 years, provided their needs of daily exercise and healthy nutrition is met. Parrotlets are popular pets due to their compact size and playful personalities. They are very intelligent and active and should have ample opportunities to play and exercise.

It really is amazing how smart some animals can be. And this video proves that dogs aren’t the only animals who can learn tricks! Watch Charlie perform his new trick in the video below:

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