This Human Teaches His Beagle To Howl In Thew Most Adorable Way

Learning to howl is an important stage of any Beagle’s life. But what happens when mom and dad aren’t around to teach a young pup the tricks of the trade?

The Beagle breed is thousands of years old. Perhaps they’ve become such good friends with humans as they’re so expressive. According to Dogster, they’re some of the most talkative dogs in the world, fluent in “baying.”

As an 8-week-old puppy, Moose was having a hard time with his howl until his favorite human stepped in to help. After a quick example, the young Beagle hears just how it’s done, and tries a few bars out for himself.

Source: YouTube/Mikael Cramer Moose is learning to howl.

Source: YouTube/Mikael Cramer
Moose is learning to howl.

There are few things more precious than hearing a puppy’s first words. Musical Moose has been practicing his howling ever since. As his owner says, he howls every time he watches this video!

Hear him howl below!

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