A Dog Living Amongst Trash Was Rescued, Then Helped A Pup Just Like Her In An Amazing Way!

This Husky, named Miley, may look healthy and happy now, but she came from a sad past. She was discovered living amongst a pile of trash at a garbage dump. She had terrible mange and was in very bad shape. When rescuers approached her, she was lying down on the pile of trash, sick and weak.

They held out food to her so she’d trust them, but she never showed any fear. She was just extremely exhausted and it was obvious that she had very little strength left. They put their lucky leash on her and got her up.

When they brought her back to their clinic, they treated her for her skin problems and started her long road to recovery. While Miley was recovering, they rescued another dog named Frankie. The tiny Chihuahua was living in a sewer tunnel under a freeway. He had made a little nest of trash where he slept. He was there for a very long time, so he was terrified and growled when they tried to get him.

They finally managed to get him out, and they brought him back to the clinic where Miley was. When they first met, their bond was instant. They both came from difficult pasts as strays, but now they found comfort in each other.

Watch their story in the video below:

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