She Ran Off When Her Brother Got Hit By A Car, And Her Human Had Been Searching For Her Ever Since

A woman named Allison Dunbar contacted the Hope For Paws emergency line when she spotted a dog hiding beneath a car while she was driving. She immediately pulled over and tried to get the dog out, but the dog was so scared that she didn’t want to get too close in case she darted into the middle of the road and risked getting hit by a car.

She tried throwing him some food to lure her closer and get her to trust her. To prevent the dog from running into the busy street, they came up with the idea to surround the car with fencing and netting. She finally let rescuers pet her, while they were able to slip on the lucky leash. But she remained terrified.

The rescuer guided the pup out from under the car, and she even walked up onto their laps! They scanned her to see if she had a microchip, and luckily, she did! They were able to use the information to contact her human, Dave. Her name turned out to be Luna.

Four days earlier, Dave had been walking Luna and her brother when a car sped through a crosswalk and struck her brother. Thankfully, her brother wasn’t badly injured, but during those chaotic moments, Luna slipped out of her collar and ran away.

Dave had been looking for her ever since, and now he’s finally able to be reunited with her! If it weren’t for the microchip, Dave may very well have never seen his beloved furbaby ever again. This story goes to show why microchips are so important!

While waiting to be reunited with her human, Luna was treated for minor injuries. The moment they reunited was all caught on camera. She didn’t realize who Dave was at first, but once she got closer, her tail began to wag a mile a minute and she was so relieved to be back with her dad! Their reunion is sure to melt your heart! Watch it for yourself in the video below:

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