A Nervous Kitten Was Stuck On A Ledge 12 Stories High. The Harrowing Rescue Was Caught On Tape…

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A kitten jumped out of an open window in Singapore and found himself stuck on a ledge that was a terrifying 12-stories high.

An animal rescue officer went into the apartment to save the kitten. The whole rescue was caught on camera. Police officers waited down below with an open blanket, just in case the kitten jumped or fell off.



The rescue officer tried quite a few times to snare the kitten, but the kitten was scared and kept moving away. The officer wanted to be as gentle as possible, so make sure the kitten wouldn’t jump off to get away from him.

After a few tries, the officer was finally able to snare the kitten using a pole with a loop of rope around the end. Then he pulled the kitten up and back into the window to safety.



Watch the harrowing rescue in the video below:

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