They Thought He’d Never Walk Again, So They Wanted To Euthanize Him. But He Proved Everyone Wrong

In April 2013, Two Hands Four Paws rescued Kenny, a paralyzed Doberman with a severely damaged spine. Many experts who dealt with Kenny believed he would never be able to walk again and thought it would be best to euthanize him.

Thankfully, Two Hands Four Paws had faith in Kenny and refused to euthanize him or to give up on him. They would help him walk again if it was the last thing they do.

They took such great care of him there and got him started on physical therapy. They hung him from a bungee and had him slowly walk on a treadmill. They also assisted him outside and held him up while he walked to alleviate the pressure.

Six months later, you wouldn’t believe he’s the same dog. Not only was he back to walking, he was running! When you have hope, the possibilities are endless! Thank goodness Two Hands Four Paws kept their faith and never gave up on Kenny! He proved those experts wrong!

With Kenny’s plight in mind, it’s important to draw attention to the many animals euthanized every day for the sake of convenience. Follow the link below and sign our petition to end such options for careless owners.

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