A Family Was Hanging Out In Their RV At A Campsite When They Got An Unexpected Visitor…

A family was road-tripping across Australia in their RV when they got quite the surprise. They were parked at a campsite outside of Sydney, and an unexpected visitor showed up in their RV: a wild kangaroo! He jumped right through the door and into the RV without a care in the world.

They got the encounter on camera, which you can see in the video below. The parents and their three small kids were surprised and amused to see this cute little outgoing fella in their van. The father tried to coax the kangaroo back toward the door, but he refused to leave. Then he headed toward the bathroom instead. Finally, the man was able to get the kangaroo out of the van by throwing some food outside the door.

But this wasn’t the last time the family encountered a situation like this. They

” target=”_blank”>posted a video to YouTube three days later, showing a family of kangaroos surrounding their RV.

“I think word’s got out here in the local kangaroo community that they can come in and have a bit of dinner, and they’re all lining up to get in the door, now,” the father said in the video.

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