This Dog Was Chained Up Alone For 10 Years. When They Got To Her, She Was Too Weak To Walk

A dog was chained up in a backyard for ten years. The neighbors had called the animal welfare agency countless times over the years, but no one came. The dog was standing on mud, with no blankets or shelter, no food or water, and no toys.

Neighbors witnessed the dog’s owners urinating on her from the porch. They were clearly animal abusers, and something had to be done. Animal Advocates first saw her one night standing in frozen mud, getting snowed and sleeted on, surrounded by her own feces.

When they got to her, she was extremely emaciated and weak, and could barely stand up due to arthritic hips and matted fur. They brought her to their vet, where she got examined and groomed. The amount of heavy mats that they shaved off of her were ridiculous. For the first time in her life, she was now able to walk freely without a chain. She also got to sleep in a warm bed for the first time.

A couple, named Mike and Alyssa, took one look at her and knew she had to be theirs! They named her Judith and adopted her. She even got a wheelchair so that she’d be able to walk around with ease. She got to go on camping adventures with her new humans, and to dog parks to meet new doggy friends. Judith got to spend the next 18 months feeling what it’s like to be a real dog, receiving love, attention and care for the first time in her life.

Watch her story in the video below:

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