June 4 Is National Hug Your Cat Day!

Today, June 4, is National Hug Your Cat Day, a full 24 hours devoted to showing your favorite feline some extra affection.

Nobody really knows the origins of National Hug Your Cat Day and, unfortunately, it’s not an officially sanctioned paid holiday. (We’re working on it). But we’re happy to report hugging your cat offers some important health benefits, including reduced anxiety, stress, blood pressure, and risk of heart attack and stroke.

Photo: Flickr/sk

Photo: Flickr/sk

If you don’t have a cat, National Hug Your Cat Day is also a good time to consider fostering or adoption. Opening your home (even temporarily) to a homeless feline helps overcrowded shelters struggling to accommodate soaring intakes of animals, especially right now at the height of kitten season. Shelters are overcrowded on the best of days, but COVID-19 has left many shelters scrambling to make do with limited staff and funding.

Photo: Pixabay

If fostering/adoption isn’t an option, you can also help foster parents by sponsoring an emergency care kit filled with collars, toys, litter boxes, and other essential items to keep shelter cats feel cozy and safe. Or consider funding an emergency shipment of nursing bottles and nutritious formula to help orphaned kittens survive their early days in the shelter.

Your daily clicks and shopping at The Animal Rescue Site also helps by funding food for hungry shelter pets. Millions of imminently huggable shelter kittens and cats thank you for your support!

Watch how these adorable rescues celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day!

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