Woman Rescues Injured Hedgehog In Her Backyard. Now She Has Hundreds Of Them Living In Her House!

In a little cottage in Berkshire, England, is an animal hospital filled with something you’d never suspect: hedgehogs.

Web developer Gill Lucraft founded the rescue center, Hedgehog Bottom, in 2007, after she found an injured hedgehog hidden under a pile of leaves in her garden. She took the hedgehog in, hand-raised him and nursed him back to health. That’s when her love for these adorable little creatures blossomed into something much better.

Her love for hedgehogs took over her entire house, which now has hedgehogs in her front room, dining room and living room.

When she first started, she took in a few hedgehogs at a time, but now she rescues over 700 a year!

Lucraft treats everything from mange to much worse injuries with the help of volunteers and her local veterinarian. They also hand-feed babies every two hours. She tries to release as many back into the wild as she can once they are fully healthy. Some will live with her for the rest of their lives, such as hedgehogs that were dumped as pets and would never survive on their own in the wild.

With hedgehog populations declining, Lucraft hopes to expand.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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