Abandoned Baby Ducks Can Now Sleep Peacefully In Rescuer’s Arms

This adorable video will give you all the feels as you watch three baby ducks fall asleep in their new owner’s lap. With no mother in sight, these adorable ducklings are thankful for this Good Samaritan to take care of them.

While it is a great thing rescuing these baby ducks, animal experts recommend being very careful if you think you have discovered an abandoned baby duck. Make sure there is no family around. If the animal is appears sick or injured, do not try to help it yourself. Call animal control, they are trained for situations such as this.

If the animal is simply abandoned but healthy, there are a few things you can do to protect the baby duck. Little Things recommends lining a cardboard box (with no lid) with paper towels and warming it with a desktop lamp. They also say to make sure to call an animal sanctuary for proper long-term care of the animal.

For more information on rescuing baby ducklings, check out this information from Pacific Wildlife.

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