Stubborn Dog Doesn’t Believe His Human That His Favorite Store Is Closed And Refuses To Leave

Samo, an adorable five-year-old Beagle/Lab mix, and his human were taking a late-night walk when they just so happened to walk by his favorite pet store, NYC Pet. He immediately recognized the storefront and got super excited. But unfortunately it was past 11 at night and the store was closed.

Samo sat in front of the store demanding to go inside as his human tried to explain to him that it wasn’t open. She tried dragging him away but he refused. He stayed put, showing how eager he was to go inside the store he loves so much. It seems like Samo was willing to sit there all night until it opened in the morning. This store should be glad that dogs like Samo appreciate them so much. They must be doing something right! Watch Samo being adorable and stubborn in the vide below:

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