He Didn’t Always Walk Crooked. But When He Peed On The Floor, His Former Humans Beat Him

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One of the most heartbreaking things in the world is animals being neglected and getting abused by their owners. This little dog, named Baxter, was beaten so badly by his former owner, that he was knocked unconscious. Nebraska Humane Society found him, limp and on the brink of death. They weren’t sure if he’d even survive this cruel attack, but fortunately, he never lost his will to live and miraculously pulled through.

Although he survived, he has suffered permanent brain damage, which causes him to walk crooked and have trouble holding his little body upright. Despite his physical problems, he is such a loving and gentle dog and welcomes affection.

Once, a little girl asked if he would walk straight again in heaven. He probably will, but right now, he’s enjoying his little piece of heaven on Earth. Watch this adorable little guy in the video below:

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