A Massive Crocodile Got Stuck In A Canal. It Took A Group Of People And A Tractor To Get Him Out!

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The Sri Lankan wildlife department spotted one of the largest crocodiles ever seen on the island and rescued it after it got stuck in a canal while searching for food. The crocodile, who was found in the southern city of Matara, weighed close to a ton and was 17-feet-long!

He was stuck in a canal leading to the Nilawala River, after water levels rose due to heavy rain. Obviously the reptile was far too big to get out on his own, so rescuers used a JCB digger and a tractor with a trailer to push him back into the river.

Thankfully, the rescue was successful! They had found a similar size crocodile a few months back in a different river. This is the maximum size that these type of crocodiles grow, and it is clearly HUGE! I guarantee you’ve never witnessed a crocodile this big before! Imagine stumbling upon it?!

Watch the daring rescue in the video below:

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