Corgi Has A Blast With A Toy Car

What do you get when you mix a tiny toy car and a Corgi? A PAWFECT video of course!

This little car totally has this little dog in the mood to play (and race)! Eowyn is ready to take on the car and in no time flat, zooms around a cabinet, the victor. You have to watch it again, and this time, be sure to say “Ready, set, go!” Just as Eowyn barks… it’s as if he is announcing the start of the race. It is so cute! Aren’t Corgis just the best? I think so, too!

If you thought this was precious, get ready to smile some more!

This tiny tot is already head over paws for his pup, and it is totally ADORABLE! These two are going to grow up together and make tons of happy memories, I think! Growing up with a dog is probably as special as growing up with a sibling. I love videos like this one!

Click here to see what I’m gushing about!

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