Cole And Marmalade Are All About The Bromance!

My two favorite kitties are at it again and this time, they’re all about the L-O-V-E! Yes, love is the greatest and it’s everywhere you look. If you want to see otherwise, you will, but if you look deeper, at the things that truly matter, you will see that love is all around.

It’s on our children’s faces when they say “Good Morning.” And our fur babies when they nudge you out of bed. It’s outside as the sun shines onto the ground below. Or on cloudy days when you feel the urge to snuggle with that somebody special.

Having a sibling, like Cole and Marmalade have, is so special. Do you have a close bond with a brother or sister? Or how about a best friend that feels more like family? Then you understand what this bromance is all about.

How these two cats exist as one, is just paw-tastic. Where there’s Cole, there’s Marmalade and vice versa. I so needed some cuteness today and this totally did the trick!

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