Cat Owners VS Dog Owners, Which Do You Pre-Fur?

When a cat owns you, it’s a LOT different than when a dog does… trust me! I’m owned by both! Cats are very, um, special creatures. Some say they’re weird but I think that’s a part of their charm.

For instance, my cat insists on singing at night. Not just meowing and not just a few times. She literally will drag out an entire song at the dead of night for no apparent reason at all. My dogs are fast asleep and don’t understand what she’s going on about. Trust me, they’ve checked! LOL!

On the other end of the spectrum, my dogs go crazy for this one deflated ball we have in the house. They fight over it. They drag it around. They even hide it from one another. Seriously? There’s a full basket of toys that are perfectly intact. Yet… they love this one deflated ball! Who knows why?!

It’s part of the appeal, to me, of being an animal lover… understanding their differences and accepting them in spite of it all. Isn’t that what makes people human? Meh. I couldn’t choose, even if I was forced at gun point. Where, okay, I would pretend to choose but it wouldn’t be genuine at all! I love cats and dogs equally. So there!

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