This Pup Just Arrived At Her Foster Home. Her New Kitty Sibling Welcomes Her In The Sweetest Way!

There are thousands upon thousands of dogs around the world that are stuck in shelters. Some have it better than others, but all of them long for a forever home. When dogs spend too much time alone in their kennels, they can become extremely depressed. It’s good to get the dogs outside for some fresh air as much as possible.

A great way to help out shelter pets would be to volunteer at a local shelter and help take the dogs for walks. But what’s even better than that? Fostering! Fostering allows the pet to finally feel what it’s like to have a cozy place to sleep and receive lots of love.

This adorable pup just arrived at her new foster home, but she isn’t an only child there. She now has a foster sibling, a cat named Kushi. Normally, cats and dogs don’t get along too well, especially when one of them is newly introduced. But Kushi loved his new foster sister the second he met her. The pup was lying on the bed, and Kushi comes right up to her and starts giving her non-stop kisses all of her face. Does it get any cuter than this!? Apparently Kushi loves all of the foster puppies and kittens that this family takes in. Way to go Kushi! You’re a great foster sibling!

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