They Finally Captured This Stray Dog. When They Brought Her To The Vet, They Never Expected This…

A stray dog was spotted under a trailer by a gas station, approximately 30 miles from the closest town. Rescuers from No Kill Kern tried to catch her with snares, but failed.

Luckily, they finally captured her and brought her home, and gave her the name Billie Jean. She was wagging her tail while in the crate, but was still very nervous. They then took her to Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital, where they learned she was pregnant!

They had to wait until Billie Jean was pregnant before they could begin her long rehabilitation. When it was time to give birth, she successfully delivered the first puppy naturally, but had to have an emergency c-section for the rest. Thankfully, all the pups survived and were named Apple, Cherry, Peaches, Cashew and Pistachio.

The puppies went to bottle feeding fosters while Billie Jean began her rehabilitation. As the days went on, Billie Jean became much more trusting and affectionate. She learned how to properly walk on a leash, socialize with other dogs, and even play with toys. Watch her full story in the video below:

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