Basset Hound Puppy Having A Play Session Will Hit You In All The Right Spots

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You know when you’re craving something super cute and all the things out there are falling short? Yea, I hate that too! No worries, this Basset Hound puppy, with his adorable floppy ears, is going to satisfy your cuteness craving!

Filmed on a GoPro, this video is the perfect insight into a puppy’s play sesh. At 12 weeks old, he has his first encounter with a tennis ball and is TOTALLY in love! That’s great because I’m TOTALLY in love with him! Those ears. Yea, I can’t get enough of them!

Sadly, puppies grow up, so I always remind humans to cherish the puppy days. They’re a lot of work but they are so worth it. Get lots of pictures, get loads of video, because before long that puppy will be all grown up. That’s okay though, because dogs are just as fantastic. Right?

Do you have puppy pics you want to share with us? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a whole bunch of you comment with some really cute pics. Sharing is caring!

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