Mom Sees Her Baby’s Mess And Asks Her Who Did It

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Usually when you see a mess of ripped toilet paper everywhere, we automatically know it’s the dog. I know personally my dog loves shredding up anything he can, whether it’s toilet paper, tissues or sometimes even underwear!

In this case, when their mother found a mess up shredded toilet paper all over the place, Esther the Bulldog was innocent for once! But that doesn’t mean that she won’t get blamed for it. Bean the baby is the real culprit, but when her mom asks her who made the mess, she points to Esther and is quick to put the blame on her. Bean even tries to feed Esther some toilet paper, but she sits their quietly while Bean rips up some more toilet paper. Poor Bean! Pups are always taking the blame. These two are adorable, but they’re definitely double trouble!

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