Eight Abandoned Baby Hedgehogs Get To Enjoy The First Real Meal Of Their Lives

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When these baby hedgehogs’ mother died shortly after their birth, these tiny animals were left without care or food. Facing an inevitable death, the baby animals were found just in the nick of time by a Good Samaritan after hearing their frightened cries.

While there is no substitute for their mother, these baby hedgehogs are getting the next best thing. Their new adopted family is giving them plenty of care. The footage below shows the tiny animals first real meal after getting rescued.

This adorable video shows the baby hedgehogs lapping up their food in unison. With all of the bad things happening in the world right now, it is stories like this that can renew your faith in humanity.

Without the generosity of this family, the tiny animals would of succumbed to hunger or a predator. We are so thankful for people that are willing to help anyone (or anything) less fortunate!

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