People Kept Walking By An Abandoned Kitten In A Box, Until A Woman Stopped And Decided To Save Her

Someone discarded this poor little kitten as trash and left him all alone in a box on the street, with no food or water. Many people saw this abandoned kitten, but nobody stopped to help. Finally, a woman noticed and decided to stop. Once she saw the helpless tiny kitten, she knew she had to do something.

So she took him home and fed him. She got him toys and taught him how to play. She let him nap right by her side. As the cat grew bigger, their bond grew stronger. They are now the best of friends and the relationship they have is purrfect! If you ever see an abandoned animal, please stop and help! Call your local animal shelter for guidance. Many pets are abandoned and aren’t fortunate to have a happy ending like this little guy did.

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