Who Says Ravens are Terrifying? The Truth Is They Are Soft for Snuggles and Pets!

Due to pop culture and how the media portrays some animals, people have categorized them into different groups. There are scary animals, while others are fluffy and cute creatures. However, wild animals deemed dangerous sometimes have something to do with their physical features. Many of them only get aggressive when they feel unsafe and threatened. You have to understand their reason rather than the action itself. For this reason, many people always end up surprised when wild animals act adorably. Lions love to receive hugs, snakes become clingy, and sharks interact nicely with humans.

Photo: Reddit/Most-Hawk-4175

The internet is filled with proof that those “dangerous animals” are suckers for tender love and care. They won’t hurt you unless you make the first move — animals can easily sense the threat. A raven is an example of a predator that is not only deemed frightening but also used as a symbol of a bad omen. Film and literature have a huge contribution to how the world perceives ravens. Interestingly, one Reddit post negated that belief. Turns out, ravens love to be snuggled too! Most-Hawk-4175 shared the clip with the caption, “Raven gets snugs and pets.” The huge bird looked so comfy in the arms of its human friend. Seems like the wild creature turns into a baby who loves to be hugged and cooed.

With how surprising the content is, OP received 58.9k upvotes and hundreds of comments. It was indeed a rare moment that explained how easily it garnered the attention of thousands of people. Ravens have always been the bad guys; they were never cuddle buddies with humans. The two might have bonded so well to create such an endearing moment. Most-Hawk-4175 has presented the delightful side of ravens that they don’t often show. You’ll really get curious about the feeling of having a raven comfortably wrapped in your arms while it softly looks at you.

“Is it… purring?” fastglow asked in the comment section. A helpful Redditor with the username chiksahlube answered, “Birds do that when they’re happy and content. My chicken does it all the time when we hold her. They do it more if you make the sounds at them. Basically, you say ‘I’m happy,’ and they reply ‘me too!'” The raven truly does enjoy human snuggles if it responds with a purr. You can never deny how adorable the video is, which is why it won many people’s hearts. You’ll find yourself smiling while watching the 29-second clip. Complete someone’s day by sharing the Reddit post with them — spread the happiness that is brought by a raven.

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