When I Saw These Rats Doing These Tricks. My Jaw DROPPED.

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Pepper, Blue, and Puffin are cute tiny rats but adorable looks aren’t the only great thing they’ve got going for them. They are incredibly smart and are able to perform awesome tricks! Their owner, Abby Roeser, trained them using clicker training and positive reinforcement. She says they’re favorite treats are cheerios, but they also enjoy working for dog treats, peas and dinner left overs. Check out their neat tricks in the video below! From grabbing their human a tissue when she sneezes to playing basketball, these little guys can do it all!

Pepper was the first rat she got. She got him when he was an adult and he was terrified of humans and would bite and freeze when someone approached her cage. After some time and patience, Roesner was able to socialize her and get her to trust people. The other two rats were adopted as babies, but also received socialization.

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