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Dog Rescue Stories: Rascal, a Pseudohermaphrodite, Finally Found A Forever Home

Hey! I’m Rascal and here’s my story!

My mum went on a camping trip last summer and met my old family at a campsite in Tenby, Wales. Well, actually, they met ME first.

I made friends with Sebastian, my now human brother, who used to be nervous around dogs until he met me! My mum started chatting with my old family, and they told her that they were dropping me off at a shelter before they went home. Can you believe it?!

Apparently, my old dad loved surfing and I wasn’t allowed at a lot of his favorite beaches. I also had separation anxiety – two things my old family could not deal with.

My forever mum thought long and hard over the next few days, and decided that she would NOT let me end up in a shelter. My mum had lost her last dog to old age three years ago, and she was finally ready for another.

She knew that I was the perfect addition to the family, so she brought me home to Worcestershire! Mum learned that my old family got me from a work colleague, so I was now in my third (and forever) home!

When looking me over, mum thought my private parts looked a bit unusual. But it didn’t bother her — she loved me anyway. However, when she received my papers in the post from my old family, she learned that I had a couple of major operations. Turns out, I am what they call a female pseudohermaphrodite. This didn’t surprise my mum, as she thought I acted more like a lady, even though my old family called me a boy.

Mum decided not to label me as “he” or “she,” as she doesn’t think it matters. I am just Rascal and I am perfect the way I am!

I’m six years young, and I adore my new family. I wake everyone up in the morning with a kiss, then I have a good roll around on the carpet, and then I run around with my toy of the day!

Mum says I’m brilliant and very well behaved. Everyone who meets me falls in love, and they can’t understand why anyone would ever want to get rid of me.

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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